Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MMORPG Rivalry Spills Over To The Real World...

An online gamer from the Ukraine is facing 15 years in jail, after stomping a fellow player to death in Central Moscow.

Alexander Ponamorenko was arrested and charged with the death of Alexander Blyoskin, when he tried to stop an argument between Ponamorenko and his online rival.

this isn't the first time violence has spilled over from the Virtual world.

  • In one of the stories related to online gaming, a Chinese gamer got life in prison in 2005 for stabbing a rival "Legend of Mir 3" player to death.
  • During 2003 World Cyber Games in South Korea, the Russian Counter-Strike team fought with the French team at the hotel they were both staying at.
  • In another story Chinese media reported that Qiu Chengwei, stabbed Zhu Caoyun in the chest several times because Zhu had sold the "dragon saber," a virtual weapon the two had been sharing, to a third player for $870. Before killing Zhu, Caoyun tried to file a police report, but was told that the dragon saber was not actual property and could not be reported stolen.
Story Found @ The Moscow Times

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