Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Monster's Darkside...

So, I signed up last month at with a resume hoping to get a job offer. Bad news is that the only thing I have gotten is a mass of spams and scams.

They state that they saw your resume and would like you to apply for a position within their company. That is where they get you because as soon as you hit the submit button on the sign-up page your email inbox will get slammed with every type of spam e-mail every made available on the internet.

If that happens you should just open a new email account because you will not be able to every clean it out.

I just can't see how and why Monster would want these people using their site. This just takes time from people looking for jobs and opens up people to be taking advantage of because they expect Monster to help them not paint a target on their back.

Before you say that it might not be coming because of the resume on Monster, let me just say that I only get these email in the E-mail account I used with Monster.

Some Possible "Scam" Companies:

If anyone knows of others or can prove that anyone listed is wrong leave a comment or email me.

4 replies:

Anonymous said...

Of the three companies listed I only know Kasamba, which is a very good company that I use often. I suspect you fell victim to, which is unrelated to and is indeed an email trap (and a scam).

Dozer said...

thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

I think you can also add World Voice News to that list. I got an e-mail from them which was disturbingly similar to the one I got from

Joshua said...

I got one of the TooSpoiled e-mails after posting to Monster, as well.

Jesus, for such a big operation, you'd think they'd do a little better with their screening. If I weren't so lazy, and if I didn't know that it's pointless, I'd write to their complaints department.