Friday, January 26, 2007

Mazda3 Owners Might Not Be The Only One With Keys To Their Car...

Several Mazda3 owners have come to find the valuables in their cars missing and no signs of being broken into, only a big dent in the front passenger door left by the theives. Apparently if you hit the passenger door of the Mazda3 in the right spot, it causes the door to unlock.

Mazda has known since Octember of last year and has started installing a stop for the Mazda3 being built in Japan.For the Mazda owners who cars have been broken into, Mazda will agreed install a stronger lock system and a protective plate to prevent the break-in from happening again, but hasn't offered to fix the dents. At this point, Mazda does not consider this "trick" a defect of the product and it hasn't decided whether or not all Mazda3s will be recalled to have the countermeasure installed.

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