Friday, January 26, 2007

Stories From My Past...

I was about eleven or twelve when a bunch of us decided to go out looking for trouble. As we walked around we started doing random things like kicking over trash cans, harassing the neighbor dogs and then as we were walking along the railroad tracks. One of the other kids found an old knife laying in the bushes. We starting throwing the knife at trees and then we all had the idea to use this new "toy" to get back at this old man who was always yelling at us for walking on his lawn.

It was about ten o'clock at night and we slowly walked up to his car and slashed his tires, we soon realized that it would look odd for only his tires to be slashed. So we walked around the neighbor randomly slashing the tires on any cars we came across. after about an hour, we started getting bored and that was when we spotted a way to make the night more interesting.

The local Tire Shop had been re-doing their driveway and had a huge mound of dirt that lead to a broken window on the second story. One of us stood at the pay phone in front of the Tire shop and was a look out for anyone and would warn us using a flashlight. We made our way up the mound and through the window. a few of us went in search of some ad. fliers, while the rest started slashing as many tires as they could. The kid outside freaked when a cop drove by, so we only got through about half the tires and had to bail.

We had grabbed another stabbing tool in the tire shop so we split into two groups and went as far from our homes as possible and went to work. One of us would stab the tires while the other two or three of us would place fliers on the cars.

It took about two hours to go through all the fliers We all meet by up and went to our local hangout which was a workshop behind one of the guys house, it had a T.V. and a few couch so we kicked back and waited to hear about our little rampage. But oddly not a word was ever said about it on the T.V. or even the paper, so either no one ever reported the cars or someone else got caught for it.

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